plain ở Tiếng Indonesia

cách phát âm
n. dataran, tanah datar
a. jelas, terang, sederhana, biasa, polos, cantik: tdk cantik, menarik: tdk menarik, tampan: tdk tampan
adv. terus terang

Ví dụ câu

After going about two hundred miles, the travellers at last found themselves on one of those vast plains that extend to the Atlantic.
cách phát âm cách phát âm
“It is the plain truth,” said Mrs Dilber. “He has but that which he deserves.”
cách phát âm cách phát âm
No wild cat, bear, or wolf appeared on the plain. It was a desert in its vast nakedness.
cách phát âm cách phát âm
At the head of the line of servants was an elderly woman in a plain, black silk gown.
cách phát âm cách phát âm
An absolute silence reigned on the plains. Neither the flight of a bird nor the passing of a beast disturbed the infinite calm.
cách phát âm cách phát âm
The fields and streams disappeared under the uniform whiteness. The plain was absolutely deserted.
cách phát âm cách phát âm
He crossed the great forest, then the vast plains, the marshes, and then once again profoundly deep woods. The wolves howled and the ravens cawed.
cách phát âm cách phát âm
There were no plain ornaments in poor taste, but rather, just a few objects that could only have come from the hand of a woman.
cách phát âm cách phát âm
Throughout the night Mrs Aouda, her spirit full of dark forebodings, her heart stifled with anguish, wandered about on the edge of the plains.
cách phát âm cách phát âm
What course should he take? He was tempted to make his way across the vast white plains in pursuit of this Fogg!
cách phát âm cách phát âm

Từ đồng nghĩa

1. direct: downright, sheer, transparent
2. obvious: apparent, clear, distinct, evident, intelligible, lucid, manifest
3. honest: artless, blunt, candid, direct, frank, guileless, ingenuous
4. simple: frugal, discreet, homely, dry, homey, unadorned, unpretentious
5. unattractive: homely, unbeautiful, ugly
6. ordinary: common, commonplace
7. level: even, flat, plane, smooth
8. prairie: level, expanse, plateau, mesa