vitalization ở Tiếng Pháp

cách phát âm
n. vitalisation, revitalisation

Ví dụ câu

In this regard, UNEP prepared a strategy paper entitled "Vitalization of the Nairobi and Abidjan Conventions: proposals, including elements for a new programme", and presented it to the above meetings.
cách phát âm cách phát âm
Moreover, they have greatly contributed to the management of life in rural areas and maintenance and vitalization of the local community; therefore, there is a great anticipation for women's participation in the society.
cách phát âm cách phát âm
The Meeting requested the UNEP Division of Environmental Conventions to prepare a document, for consideration by the Governing Council at its twenty-first session, on strengthening the work of UNEP in the continued vitalization of the regional seas programmes.
cách phát âm cách phát âm
The continued vitalization of regional seas programmes
cách phát âm cách phát âm

Từ đồng nghĩa

the state of being vitalized and filled with life: physiological condition, vitalisation, physical condition, physiological state

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