declamation trong Tiếng Anh

cách phát âm
n. formal declaration; formal speech
n. declamation

Ví dụ câu

I therefore cannot believe you, Mr Barroso, when you make declamations about Europe being a champion of human rights.
cách phát âm cách phát âm
like rectitude and integrity. Balseiro lived by his ethical values, it wasn't just a shallow declamation of his. Balseiro was a man who lived by his ethical values.
cách phát âm cách phát âm
This was followed shortly afterwards by the School of Music and Declamation, a seat of learning that was run by the society until 1971, when it was relocated to its present-day home on El Ejido university campus.
cách phát âm cách phát âm

Từ đồng nghĩa

1. tirade: spouting, ranting, repetition, wordiness, hot air
2. speech: discourse, lecture, oration, address

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