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cách phát âm
n. slope, incline; increase, ascent; degree of ascent; raise in position or status, promotion; angry response
v. stand up, get into an upright position; get out of bed; climb, ascend, move upward; rebel, revolt; increase, grow; appear over the horizon; come back to life, return from the dead; puff up, swell; originate in, begin in
v. laugh; make fun of, ridicule; laugh in one's beard, laugh quietly

Ví dụ câu

“Ah!” she cried, rising and striding around the room.
cách phát âm cách phát âm
“No, my lord,” responded the servant, “and it will not always shake you like that. Rise in your stirrups.”
cách phát âm cách phát âm
“Perhaps I am more able than someone else,” said Phileas Fogg, rising.
cách phát âm cách phát âm
“Stop that!” screamed the Queen. “You make me giddy.” Then, turning towards the rose tree, she went on: “So, what have you been doing here?”
cách phát âm cách phát âm
As it spoke, it put out its strong hand and clasped him gently by the arm. “Rise, and walk with me!”
cách phát âm cách phát âm
At dawn, the half-extinguished disc of the sun rose above a misty horizon.
cách phát âm cách phát âm
Clouds were rising from the east, and were already encroaching on parts of the sky.
cách phát âm cách phát âm
Cloaked in her big red coat, the widow is on the stake. The flames begin to rise around her and the corpse of her husband.
cách phát âm cách phát âm
And, seeing the approaching darkness, and with the darkness the rising turmoil of the storm, John Bunsby felt profoundly concerned.
cách phát âm cách phát âm
Have you given the rose to the woman?
cách phát âm cách phát âm

Từ đồng nghĩa

1. promotion: advance, elevation
2. ascent: upsurge, mounting, rising, upgrade
3. increase: intensifying, swelling, enlargement, inflation, acceleration, augmentation, addition
4. source: beginning, origin, start, commencement
5. arise: get up, stand up
6. oppose: resist, revolt, rebel
7. happen: occur
8. begin: originate, arise, emerge, emanate, proceed, issue

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